In the five and a half years that I’ve known Angela, she’s infused my life with grace, laughter, and love. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly rare to come across people who put their words into action, turn their dreams into reality, and practice what they preach. Angela is one of those rare people. While I have been fortunate to have worked alongside her, I am infinitely more fortunate to be able to call her my friend.
— Samantha

Life Coaching

Thank you for always being a great friend, instructor and coach. I have learned and grown so much with your guidance!
— Stefanie
Angela is an inspiring, thoughtful and brilliant coach. She listened to me, helped identify what I needed to work on (even if I had no idea at the beginning of the session what that was!) and broke it down into small manageable steps. After every session I came away with clear goals to take me to the next level. It gave me an incredible sense of empowerment, knowing each week I was working to make my life better and become a more authentic person. Angela showed me I can tackle anything that comes my way by breaking it down into small manageable step - It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, small steps make a difference. Thanks Angela.
I would recommend Angela Wagner as a life coach whether they participate in yoga or not; the yoga is a bonus. I realize that one of the prerequisites of a good life coach is being able to listen, but Angela knows how to listen for the important issues and to cut to the heart of the matter. Because of that talent, Angela can reduce the drama and offer suggestions to “get into action”. It doesn’t matter whether you need to work on something relating to work, health, personal relationships, or home ( or all of them), Angela can assist you in getting clear with what is important to you! With that knowledge, inspiration comes from within YOU to complete your goals. During the process, interesting insights revealed themselves which help explain past and current patterns which are helpful to self coach in other aspects of my life after the coaching relationship was complete. In other words, I gained knowledge that I continue to use long after our sessions have ended. Just remember, working with Angela is an investment in you!
Life coaching with Angela allowed me to talk through my goals and remove excuses that use to distract me from following through and keeping myself accountable. Angela asks questions that lead you to removing any and all excuses which leads you to be REAL with yourself. As a result of life coaching I learned to remove many unrealistic expectations, nurture myself which lead to self love then came empowerment which lead me to strengthen close relationships. Although it was uncomfortable going through this process, it was so worth it because I’m in a real, happy and fulfilling place.

OM Business Consulting

I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for your coaching and advice. I feel very clear and confident about the direction we’re heading and that is a huge step for me.
— Yoga Studio Owner in California

Teacher Training and Mentorship

Angela’s passion and commitment to growth is inspiring and you benefit from it in each class, workshop, or training of hers that you participate in.
— Ashlie
I appreciate the time, love and skill that you bring to helping us grow.
— Duncan
Thank you for the feedback today. You gave me some great tools to work with. I commit to putting it to use by staying present with my class, slowing the flow and balancing my energy. Thank you for your continued support in helping me see my own strength and room to grow in it. You rock Angela and I am grateful to have you as my mentor and teacher.
— Patrick
I wanted to thank you for an amazing day, weekend, week, & training course! I am still in a very shocked place after today. I’m completely physically & emotionally drained but floating on cloud nine at the same time. I could not have asked for a safer environment & a greater group of people to share myself with for the first time. I think I will sit with this for a long while as I continue to learn more about myself. I swear I’ve had more growth & breakthroughs in this training than I did in years of therapy. It’s within me, I just have to do the work! It’s one of the hardest things ever but I’m seeing & feeling the benefits already. Yoga, YogaSport & you have been such blessings in my life. Thank you!
Thank you again for everything. The space you held this summer was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am forever grateful to you and the Baptiste teachings. This empowerment that I now have is what I have been searching for my entire life! Possibilities truly are endless and I look forward to what the future holds now in my life more than I ever have.
— 200 hr student

Private Lessons

Thanks so much for our private lesson today, it was really helpful. You are really good at what you do Angela.
— Wendy
I love my private sessions with Angela. First of all, a consistent Baptiste practice is the perfect complement to my normal running routine. But by meeting one on one, she tailors a program to meet my body’s needs at that moment. In fact at times my practice has accelerated my healing process from running injuries and left my body in a stronger position to continue both activities. And we are constantly reassessing, setting new goals and objectives to keep the practice fresh. I enjoy every session and so often can’t believe where the time has gone.
— Abby, private client since 2010

YogaSport and Teaching Yoga

I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. Your studio has been for me a great beacon of light and peace and joy.
— Denyse
A little less than two years ago, on my quest to find my ideal practice, I tried many studios in and around my neighborhood. I started and inevitably ended up back at YS. I found the teachers were the most consistent, friendly, and helpful. I felt that the overall environment had a soothing ambiance free of distraction and provided a healthy balance of clear instruction and light-hearted life.
— Sarah
I am so happy to be a YogaSport yogi and love each and every time I get to share time on my mat with you! I am not in any way a “zen” person (I only do yoga to counter those drinking calories!) but I can recognize that I have gained a much more positive perspective in my two years at YS.
— Shannah
Thank you for everything you and YS have provided to me in the last half-decade!! I truly love you with all of my heart and consider you to be my family. Your support through difficult times, 40 days programs, Budokon, weekend boot camps, inversion challenges and kick ball has been KICK A**!
— Crystal
I consider Angela not only a great friend, but a teacher and source of inspiration. As a teacher, Angela is a powerful presence and is a teacher who truly teaches from the Baptiste methodology. She has a natural ability to use her experiences and share with her students in a way that they can connect deeply with the experience they are having. When I take Angela’s class, I am inspired by the way she stays true to the Baptiste sequence and methodology while mixing in moments of lightness and laughter. She is a natural leader.
— Brian
Wow! YogaSport is 8 years old and by sheer coincidence I have been with you the whole way. I always consider loyalty as one of my strong points. However, it is easy to be loyal when the product is so strong. Of course, there have been growing pains! Although most of the changes are welcome a few were met with resistance…

I recall some drama when you turned off the music, shortened the classes to 75 minutes, marked off the floor, and covered the mirrors! Oh the mirrors! For me, the addition of the Om was interesting all by itself. I am amazed that I can barely Om at all as the class begins, yet it is strong and steady by the end of class. That fact alone probably shows the value of a yoga practice.

Those silly things aside, I appreciate how you continually improve and update the studio. The space is always clean, fresh, inviting, and warm! I just love the heat panels. I think we may be on the 3rd color in the 8 years and there is always something new. Thank you so much for continuing to invest in the space.

Yet even more important, thank you for delivering high quality yoga. I know that no matter what class I attend, I will be challenged, inspired, and revitalized. You have found and trained great teachers. The practice continues to evolve and you share your knowledge freely with all of us. I really can’t ask for more than that. I am sure I will participate in another workshop, 40 days, or Spark journey soon.

Finally, thank you for creating such an engaging yoga community. I, for one, was an unlikely yoga student when I walked through that door on day 2. Yet something made me keep coming back. At this point, I would be lost without my yoga. So – keep up the good work. I am sure you have changes and growth planned even now. I look forward to the next 8 years.
— Whitney